Do it yourself – carpet cleaning

We always suggest hiring a professional to clean your carpet but sometimes there is just not time for that.
While there is benefit on getting an expert to clean the carpet in the home or business, it is also possible to clean the carpets yourself when you are in the tight budget to hire a firm to clean your carpets. Prior you clean the carpet you must read the details that came with the carpets to check the right method to clean the carpets. The basic thing you must perform after removing the furniture is vacuum the carpet because you need to get rid of the additional dust, dirt and other small debris from the carpet prior you clean the carpet. You must pre-spot when you contain heavy stains on the carpet like liquid or food stains. After doing all these, you will want to do a method known as agitation. This method is performed to remove the dirt that is stuck in the carpet. You do this method through scrubbing the carpet by using one foam cleaner and brush.

A normal issue which is seen in some of the carpets is pet stains. People who have pets in the home will suffer from this problem. So you want to eliminate urine of the carpet. So you need to use a small rag or paper towel and blot the urine which is seen on the carpet. After you perform this you must mix some teaspoons of light soap by using warm water and scrub the spot. Rinse the spot with the washcloth. To get rid of the smell, mix water and vinegar and dip the sponge in the liquid, scrub the spot now. If your house is experience flooding, it may cause the carpet to turn contaminated through muddy, dirty water and sewage. Professionals say that you must attempt to salvage the carpet immediately but when you are not able to do that, you must discard it. To clean your carpet after the flood, open the room windows where you placed the carpet. Put fans to dry it, vacuum the carpet and after one or two hours, shampoo the carpet. If the carpet is completely dry you need to use carpet deodorizer or soda to decrease the bad smells. You can also consider certain non toxic ways to spot clean the carpet. The vegetable based soap called liquid Castile is sold in certain shops and online.

You can also visit online to prepare the product by yourself. For this procedure to clean your carpet, mix a third up of the Castile detergent with the water and keep it in the spray bottle. You can use at any time when you need it by spraying the mixture in the stain and blot by using a dry rag on the carpet. You can also look for natural items to clean your carpet like club soda and vinegar. To clean wall to wall carpet, eliminate the furniture’s and big materials and vacuum the carpets for up to 20 minutes. After this avail a pre-treatment item on the carpet to assist break the heavy stains. You can also buy or rent the carpet cleaning equipment from the shop to complete clean process easily. Just follow the guidelines and avail the machines as said on the carpets. After cleaning the carpet, ensure that the carpet is completely dried prior walking on the carpet.

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