Tips On Making A Home Smell Nice

Nothing gives a home owner the relaxation of mind than the knowledge and idea of owning a nice fresh smelling home or house. A fresh smelling home is so much comforting and is a sign of being neat and organized. Nice smells like homey, vanilla, fresh lemon, clean laundry, freshly baked cookies and cakes always gives the owner the pride and confidence of welcoming any one to his or her home. But how do you achieve this? The following are tips on making a home smell nice.

Ensure that the carpet and the entire house is cleaned regularly.
It is through regular and thorough cleaning of the house that one will ensure that all the dirt and things that cause bad smell are eliminated and removed from the house. During this process clean the carpet thoroughly by using baking soda and then vacuum it. Also use products like pine sol during the cleaning process. This is the easiest way to ensuring that the house smells fresh for a long period of time.

Often dispose of the garbage in the kitchen
Garbage in any place let alone the house is a great source of bad smell. Therefore it is important to get rid of garbage in the kitchen and clean the shelves in the kitchen area and fridge with water and a little vinegar. This will leave the kitchen smelling fresh.

Open windows wide
This is one of the easiest and cost free ways of ensuring that your home smells nice and fresh. By opening windows you let in fresh air which will force the bad smell out of the house or room. And if it is too cold to open the windows wide one can open them slightly just enough to let in fresh air.

Use of scented incense
Lighting of incense and other sweet smelling candles can also help in making the house smell nice. Incense is affordable and is available in very many scents. Therefore an individual with a great sense of smell can easily avail himself or herself with the best of the best.

In conclusion, if an individual has a desire of making a home smell nice he or she can use the above tips and he or she will be delighted with the results.

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Tips for Carpet Cleaning

Maintaining your carpet, and taking care of its needs can be a big part of the appearance of one’s home. Luckily for all home owners there are various tips to help maintaining your carpet a bit easier. A few tips would include regularly vacuuming the carpet due to all the dirt that surfaces, and make sure to vacuum against the grain to increase the amount of dirt collected, consider using rugs to prevent as much wear in places of high traffic, occasionally moving the furniture positions, and cleaning with a steam cleaner, but be cautious because if you don’t remove enough water mildew could build in the carpet from high moisture levels. Other options to help clean the carpet is to keep a protectant and spot remover in the home for small accidents, these products can be bought at different establishments. Also don’t forget to keep in mind that even though your carpet looks clean, it might not actually be clean because some germs can’t be seen. For this reason it is a good idea to annually professionally clean your carpet. When you are selecting a cleaning service you should consider if satisfaction guarantee comes with the service, are there any reviews from past customers, is it a respected company, and do they have advanced technology with equipped professional technicians. Keeping your carpet clean may take some time out of your week, and a few tasks but trust it is well worth it. Doing so will ensure your carpet last a long time and that the appearance stays up to par. Also it will decrease the amount of dust mites, dirt build up, and allergens that come into contact with the carpet everyday. The will help reduce the amount of germs you and your family come into contact with and reduce the chances of sickness.

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Window cleaning tips

Window cleaning tips

There are many window cleaning tips that people can use in order to make their home looks spotless. People should purchase a high-quality squeegee so that they can get the best results. It is important to make sure that the squeegee blade is always sharp. Using a dull blade can cause damage to the window and also can be hazardous for the person that is doing the cleaning. Using the best quality of glass cleaning formula on the market is important so that the results are impeccable. Throughout the cleaning process people must make sure that the blade on their squeegee has not become damaged. If the blade is damaged, an individual must change it immediately so that damage to the glass does not take place.
Making a conscious effort to squeeze extra water from the squeegee is necessary so that streaking does not take place. Using fluid motions is important so that people do not miss any dust or dirt during the cleaning process. Usually going over a surface at least twice is advisable if cleaning has not been completed in a long time. Adding windshield wiper fluid to the substance is a good idea if a person is cleaning their windows in the middle of winter. The windshield wiper fluid will help to ensure that the water does not freeze during the cleaning process. If there is any stubborn dirt that will not come off, adding ammonia to the solution can be helpful. The ammonia will break down the stubborn dirt.

It is important for people to have enough time to do window cleaning. Rushing the process usually will lead to areas of glass that are not properly cleaned. If a person is not comfortable doing the job on their own they can hire a professional service provider to do the job.

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Door matts

Many people ask why door matts are important and they never wonder how dirt reached to 25th floor of a high rise building. Dust cannot come from window as this height as they are sealed neither it can come from any air cooling unit as these high rise building filter the air. Most of the dust that enters in a building or homes comes from foot walk.
Here is a list why door matts are important.
To keep the dirt on entrance: As said above, more than 80% dirt comes in building from door by foot walk. Even at 25th floor dirt goes by shoes of person so if you have a proper door mat at your door step and it will collect most of the dust in itself. A dirt mat at entrance can make air clearer.
To keep people safe from slip and falls: Door mats collect most of the dirt and dust so chances of slipping and falling on a smooth surface get decreased with a high percentage. Floor mat can also collect the water that comes from outside with shoes in rainy season and that prevent slipping and falling people on floor.
To keep the floor clean: If stops the dirt, dust and water at doors means your surface will look much cleaner and beautiful. In long term it will decrease the cost of cleaning also as you might need to use less chemical and scrubbing surface because floor is clean and looks beautiful.
Improve style and image of building: Custom door mat can increase style and look of the building and it can also work as a billboard or warning sign at your door step.
You should keep door mats at both side of doors and it should be big enough for six steps so it can collect almost all the dirt. For best performance while purchasing it makes sure it can collect maximum dirt and water for keeping people

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The Basic Steps of Tile Cleaning

The Basic Steps of Tile Cleaning

Tile cleaning may seem a simple task when it comes to the walls and floors, but things are actually more little complicated. Some standard tips and tricks can help you do a better job.

Starting Off with Wall Tile Cleaning
It is recommended that you start the cleaning process from top to bottom. Therefore, you should first take care of the wall tile.
Regardless of its color, the wall tile requires thorough cleaning; this area usually gathers great amounts of oil (e.g. cooking oil in the kitchen, detergents in the bathroom). The tile gets more difficult to scrub, as dirty spots are left uncleaned for long periods of time.
In order to clean the wall tile, you need a special, powerful detergent, a half of gallon of hot water, a cleaning brush and an abrasive pad. Keep your delicate skin protected against powerful chemical agents by using cleaning gloves.
Soak the cleaning brush with the hot water (after mixing it with the detergent) and scrub the wall tile. Afterwards, you can use the abrasive pad and insist on the tough areas. Don’t forget to leave the windows wide open throughout the process, in order to avoid inhaling toxic substances.

Moving On to Floor Tile Cleaning
The floor tile gets dirty easier and quicker than the wall tile, since most people walk on it with their shoes on. They think it is easy to clean, and this is true, provided that you do it right away. However, if your floor tile is embossed or has a light color, scrubbing won’t be easy.
You need a very strong detergent, such as a descaler. It is cheap, very powerful but very toxic. Thus, besides opening the windows, it is also highly recommended to use a protection mask.
Pour the descaler into a spray can, apply it to the entire surface of the floor tile and let it do its job for 10 to 15 minutes, after which the tile cleaning operation is continued with an abrasive pad.

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Brandon carpet cleaning

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Carpet cleaning Brandon Fl

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Steps in keeping a bathroom clean

The quote that the bathroom is the window to the soul should be taken seriously.

A lot of health issues can arise due to an untidy bathroom and for this reason, every responsible home owner or business owner need to set some rules on keeping a bathroom clean.
An untidy bathroom can provide embarrassing moments for any home or business owner.

One of the best ways to make sure that the bathroom will always appear clean is to take on preventive measures.

A good basic tip is to keep the bathroom window closed and to leave the exhaust fan open, leaving the window open can invite dust and dirt that will immediately cling to the damp surfaces of the bathroom like the sinks, countertops or bathroom walls.

It would be better to install an exhaust fan; this will be useful when the user is taking a shower, because no dirt will get inside the area which will prevent any mold and mildew from growing.

Another useful tip is to use lemon juice to clean the glass shower stains.
This will effectively remove the soap markings on the glass and will help prevent the stains from staying every after use.
The lemon drops have to be applied horizontally instead of circular to make it more effective.
Use the lemon juice to repel any future soap and water stains from remaining in the area.
If molds are a big issue in your bathroom, be prepared to use a grout sealer, this can be easily found in any home supply store.

This can be applied and mopped on the tiles; once the substance is dry it will also effectively protect the tiles from harsh cleaners and further stains.

In order to make the bathroom look organized, you also need to provide a shelf space for the shampoos, conditioners, lotions and other bathing liquids.
Make sure to separate the towels and to have a medicine cabinet and ample space for the toothbrush and the extra tissue.

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Carpet cleaning Las Vegas

What does Brandon Florida and Las Vegas have in common? Not much other than both places have many carpets and tiles that need a good cleaning in fact carpet cleaning Las Vegas and carpet cleaning in Brandon Florida have one thing in common, both places have a large amount of Polyester carpet and getting this type of carpet cleaned requires a skilled cleaning technician because removing stains from this type of carpet is not a job for an amature. The housing boom is to blame for the large amount of polyester carpet, most of the home builders put in this polyester carpet because it is half the cost of the traditional Nylon carpet we are so use to seeing.

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Getting Motivated to Clean

Let’s face it, getting motivated to clean a room is half the battle. Between family, jobs, school, and friends, cleaning can sometimes be forgotten about. Take these tips for your family and make cleaning something that feels a little more fun and less dreaded.
Your soundtrack – Putting some music on for a cleaning session is great to get everyone motivated. If you are just cleaning by yourself, choose a playlist on your IPod. If you are getting your whole family involved, choose something upbeat that everyone likes. Something instrumental as background noise can also be a great choice if you are cleaning a larger area or will be moving from room to room.
Get everyone motivated – If you are cleaning with a roommate or your family, have a plan and get motivated. Divvy up the duties between everyone so that everyone is all on the same page. Shouting, “All things must be clean!” will only make people scratch their heads at where to begin or worse – start fighting about who does what (I’m thinking kids here, but married people, you know you do this, too!)
Top down cleaning – Ok, you don’t need to get the excel sheet out, but organizing by height and by room may help out in the long run. Let me explain: it is best to clean and dust the tops of shelves, books, and other random odds and ends so that you can vacuum the dust and other crumbs that get wiped to the floor. The next person can rotate in the room and finish sweeping, vacuuming and tidying up the lower areas and the floor. Everyone on task and everyone with a plan means that efficient work gets done.
Glory in your work – After a hard hour or so of making all things sparkly, take a break. Work is more fun with a reward – especially for kids – having a healthy snack will create a positive memory and will replenish calories and water needed for the rest of the day’s activity. Enjoy your clean house! To learn how to have your house cleaned by the pros check out carpet cleaning Indianapolis
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