The Best Types of Floor Tiles

In designing a house, the floor is always the first layer of the design. Therefore, the floor should be given the attention it deserves. Today there are so many types of floor tiles in the market, a sign of floor recognition. You tile floor choice will depend with your taste, budget and where you want to use it.
Hard surface tiles
Hard surface tiles are made from clay from the earth, which is fired in a kiln. These types of tiles are modified in different styles and design, depending with their intended use. Hard surface tiles can be slippery, glazed, or unglazed and porous; which depend with the design. These types of floor tiles are durable and hard, yet they are fragile. They are highly recommended for wet areas and suitable both indoors and outdoors.
Soft surface tiles
Soft surface tiles are synthetic, and a product of petroleum. There are two types of soft surface tiles, linoleum and vinyl. Vinyl is durable, cost effective and easy to install. It comes with adhesive backing, preventing sliding. Linoleum is natural products; it is less durable and will fade easily. Soft surface tiles are gaining popularity in homes, since they are affordable, easy to replace and perfect for high traffic areas. One disadvantage with these types of floor tiles is that, they trap a lot of dust which can lead to allergies.
Stone, wood and grass tiles
Stone, wood and grass tiles include granite stone, marble stone, flag stone, sand stone, cork wood and bamboo tiles. All these tiles are environmental friendly, and they are attractive and durable. They are also easily polished reducing chances of fading, or wearing out. Stone tiles are more durable, and work well in bathtubs, kitchen and home entryways. One disadvantage with these types of floor tiles is that, they are affected by water or other liquids.

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